Just be!


Arun Thamizhvanan

Work In Progress…

I am a curious person looking for possibilities always of being better day by day.

I am an unwarranted optimist who romances & appreciates this life.

I have got this opportunity to be a living being here on earth. I want to make the most of it by concentrating only on things that matter the most.

I love inspiring, motivating stuff from life.(any arena)… without rejecting the harsh realities present there in life.

My heart gets inspired easily and profoundly and its  impact is difficult to hide, so it flows out as articles here in this blog.

I sincerely believe my life has meaning and purpose… Day by day, I am discovering, as I chisel bit by bit.

I want to live life as if it is a miracle. Have the wonder & joy of living throughout -relishing every second of it.

Fanatic of some choicest movies, books.. I love worthy philosophy, psychology and true christianity.mypic

I love Christ, my God & Savior and I sincerely want to follow Him! – I love him to the core.

I am marching on to the sound of my heart’s drummer-Jesus- The one gives me life now , who transforms me day by day, gives me a hope for future and leads me on to everlasting!


2 responses to “Just be!

  1. Hey arun you havent changed its like I havent seen you in ages . Just enjoyed some of your articles . Thank you for allowing me to see your heart.

  2. Perfect description of yourself..

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