Do I enjoy..?

Today, I was taken by surprise when I went to the Sunday morning church service.

There was a band of African brothers called ‘Chariots’. They came to entertain us by singing carols.

Wow!  I always wanted to listen to traditional carols. I wanted to learn .. but I never did.

They all came up to the stage.. They spoke among themselves in hushes and gesticulations. All set, with no music, just the sheer rhythm of their voice and clicking sounds of their fingers, they started singing…

It was not a traditional carol..I realized after the first line that it was not even in english but in an African language. I thought they are making a mistake. Normally when you want to sing to a crowd, you would want to start singing songs in which are familiar to the crowd in the language known to the audience. That’s the way, I logic.

They sang their first African carol… though not one person in the audience understood their song.

But to my surprise…I liked it … I turned to look at the audience. Crowd’s eyes  were intently watching,… all people’s lips were extending to show a smile… ‘Chariots’ song made everyone in the audience to look at them with joy.  Their beautiful enthusiastic voices, resounding hummings, their faces which clearly showed that they are enjoying their song.. not lightly but thoroughly.. No wonder the audience including me gave a big ovation..

The next song.. was again in African language. Everyone loved..seeing them enjoying their singing.  When one brother sang, the other six just hummed.. They all took turns singing this way.. Nevertheless, it was a fabulous song… though none got what they sang. Their last song was in English.

By that time, I start wondering does my logic ever holds. When audience see…. performers enjoying what they are doing… It brings an exquisite attractiveness even when they don’t understand the language nor one word in the song.

I am tempted to ask  this: As a teacher, do I enjoy teaching?.. As a singer, do I enjoy singing…etc..


One response to “Do I enjoy..?

  1. Nice thought and nicely written. When i enjoy what i do, it automatically brings out the best in me, thereby blessing others as well.
    I will teach you carols 🙂

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