Khag – one of my Everyday Hero

I can never forget this guy. Khag, a Masters student from Thailand was working with me alongside in Boots-Waterloo station, a retail outlet in London.He was a friendly chap. He doesn’t speak much but have some unique gentleness in all he does. Endearing guy. He works at terrific speed and precision. Very dedicated to the work at hand.  Affable manners… We became good friends -chatting at work, eating together, cracking jokes.. Had a good time.

So what made him, my everyday hero?…

It’s the conversation I had with him during lunch in the dungeon like stock room of the retail shop.I think it would be good if I put in dialogue format – as I remember the words he spoke still.

We were eating sandwiches in lunch usually..As I was curious about Thailand culture, I started the conversation about the culture, religion and beliefs.   Later…

Me: Hey, Khag, Have you got a girlfriend?

Khag: Yes, for the last two years. She is working in Thailand, have’nt seen after I came here for a year or so… She might come here to UK for checking me..

Me: Cool, so when is your marriage?

Khag: Yeah, she has not yet decided whether I am the guy…

Me: Oh, That’s tricky.  What are the chances she might not choose you if you could say? Given that you have not seen her for long, man

Khag: I don’t know … I can’t still figure that out.

Me: Hmm, Sorry for asking, will it not hurt you if she chooses another guy?

Khag: Infact, It will not hurt if she does that properly.

Me: What do you mean by that?

Khag munching food and sipping coke in a non-chalant manner looking at me honestly.. said

Khag: I will not worry if she leaves me for an other guy  who is better than me. But would feel bad  if she chooses a wrong guy who is worse than me.

Now, you know why he is my everyday hero..


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