The most beautiful language

Have you wondered which language is the most beautiful and that anyone can appreciate?

Time and Time again, I feel I lack communication skills and I find myself asking how can I express my thoughts lucidly and whether it brings joy when I intend to share it.

I found the breed of real masters of communication. When they express joy , everyone around them rejoice and reciprocate. They communicate with such innocence, guilelessness and purity that the world around cannot stop themselves from communicating with them. When they are expressing their pain, the neighbors jump in to console them.

Do you wonder who they are? I found one at Church last sunday.

I was sitting in church listening to a sermon, in my front row was one master of communication. She was intensely expressing her joy in her own language, all the people who heard her and looked at her, were completely distracted and were showing their glee in response to her.

The master of communication I refer was a baby on her mother’s shoulder.She was playing. She was giggling with all kinds of sounds. The whole row behind her was distracted from the sermon and was responding to her antics…

Her vocabulary is nil.
She can’t even utter one complete word.
Her fragile smile without knowing any language makes any person to respond.

In one word to describe her language: ‘Beautiful’

Man, I wonder what appeals to us in their language. It is not skills or vocabulary.

Its their innocence, fragile vulnerability, their wholesome frankness & honesty in displaying their feelings, absolute expression with all their being with innocuous movements of hands and feet, Not a single agenda hidden in their mind,…………

Man, I cannot stop when I start to reflect……

Teach me more, Baby! O Baby!


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  1. People should read this.

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