New year resolution? No. New year Prayer. Yes

Maximus in Gladiator says,’I am a slave,I can die today here in prison or in the arena tomorrow, What difference can I make?’

I think many times like that. Dont you?

Slave to the many imaginary worries,living a prisoner cluttered with unnecessary things,feelings,emotions… What difference can I make?


Have you ever seen a dead fish on the waterfalls carried in the direction of a water current? Then a living one,swimming upstream?

As long as your fist sized heart beats, we can……We have the opportunity to change… set sights on new horizons…. Our opportunity stops when our beats stop, till that time.. Lets dance to our heart beats… Lets rock

You never know of the difference you make. Just being the real you, the mere being of you. You though flawed can wipe some tears. touch and inspire some hearts. You never know. Dont allow you to rob you of your better self.

At this year 2007, the first day. My Newyear prayer is ‘thank you for 2006,God make me what YOU want me to be…’.


2 responses to “New year resolution? No. New year Prayer. Yes

  1. It is good to hear you Arun, so so true, because one thing we must know is that hope in the Lord does not disappoint.I also have since lost the idea of new year’s resolutions and all because at times they do not come to pass,my prayer is (1)to abide in the His presence in every way I may imagine or think there where His glory dwells, (2)to be a worshipper ,to worship Him like I have never done all these years before ,that kind of worship that brings down His glory ,may His Holy Spirit teach me

  2. hey arun very well said abt being yourself.

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