Criteria for your would be…..Here’s my say.

I find most of the people, my friends all having the profile of their would be.
I have something to say here because what I feel is different.
My theory as well as my practice about these things can be explained in a few lines.

Everyone mostly girls say they need some one really tall, handsome, very funny etc…
I always find most of the girls saying these.The same with men as well. They say something really different n funny, not like the girls who mostly say the same thing.

I dont think, having a shopping list of characteristics, attributes and skills, and ticking them is a good way to arrive who to be your would be.

Dont you think, there are some things which are more important than these attributes, skills, characteristics of your would be?

Are you willing to slaughter those important ones which are deeper that no eyes can see, and which can only be felt in your heart than in your mind reacting to what attributes come in the external?

My friends, I might be crazy here saying these.

Life is more than these attributes,skills, shots of fame and list of characteristics you look in your would be.

My wish is that you would look intently on the important ones than these shallow ones.


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