What a beauty?: 2 kinds

Remember the days, when I used to have crushes on every beautiful girl , I see.
Beautiful are they, I wonder sometimes still. Beauty of this kind I think makes me feel somewhat crazy, foolish. Hmm, You know what I say. That mild infatuated heart. Haha, How many castles I ve built in my dreams and the same number of them demolished with quick meditations of reality checks. Is this the only side effect of admiration of beauty all about?

No, I dont believe.

But there is a beauty which is very different of its kind.
Let me say about this beauty…

The fragile baby looking & smiling at you.
The old granny wrinkled face smiling and thanking you.
The hugs of your close friends.
The holding of your hands by your loved ones.

The rainbow in a clear sky
Beautiful dawn & yellowish dusk
Serene Beach waves & coconut trees
Meadow of grasslands, mountains, valleys

Beauty. Very Sublime.

When I sense this, I feel happy that I m alive.
My Great Lord, Thank You for creating me alive!


2 responses to “What a beauty?: 2 kinds

  1. I believe you are beautiful. I believe your feet are one of the beautiful things about you.

    I have a blog about it. I’m not a weirdo or a pervert. I just think there is something beautiful in the everday person’s feet.

    Check it out! And show me your toes!

  2. Hi Arun, Well wow your conception of beauty is in itself a beauty……. a big applause……..that’s simply superb………

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