Fun in being me.

No two fingerprints are the same.
Each one is unique. Some are happy abt that others are not.

So many friends & people, I admire. I desire to be like them. Yeah, They have what I want and they are how I like myself to be.

Its so good to be them rather than being me. But, If I become them, their imitators, what becomes of me. Who can be me then?

In ‘Pontiac Moon’, one of my favorite feel good movies, the professor tells his students,’ You are already the first prize winners in a running race, You came into this world, after winning that race. You are one in the billions of sperms that fought the race, you won to become you.’
Yeah, Your genes are so genuinely configured so that you can be like you are.
I m unique in someway or other.

I should start accepting me, treating myself with some respect atleast.
I should start having fun in being me.
I should understand myself and my being rather than researching others.


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