Why? Why God? Why?…….

I dont asssume to know it all. You say, ‘ Then, what r you trying here to do?’

It is how I understand in my heart and convince in my heart when I face some circumstances in life, so far.

Once I heard the song, ‘Only You’ in an album, ‘Vande Mataram’. My Favorite Composer, A.R.Rahman sang that song too. He claimed that song was written from the inspiration of a great seer who lived long ago.

The lyrics are (paraphrased), ‘ My God, If I love you to go to heaven, Punish me and cast me in hell, For my love for you should not be for the love of Heaven or anything else, but it should be purely for you, whether I rot in hell or not, You are worthy to be loved all the way, without any conditions or reservations.’

Whenever, I say, ‘Why God? Why did you allow this?’
There is a silent question that emerges after I regain my composure, ‘Is this the reason for which I m in God, or My relationship with God is more important than this thing?

God, I m no way near the way, you should be loved.
Give me the grace of loving you not for the happiness, joys of the world, painless life, Heaven…..


One response to “Why? Why God? Why?…….

  1. You write very well 🙂

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