Who to trust?

Hot debates all around. God shouldnt have done that, my friend said. No the lost should not be dealt like that.No No No, God is so unkind when you consider that….they continue heatedly
Discussions…. were getting hot…
There was a Pause & Think phase for me…A reflection
No one of us there, can say that we were righteous on our own except by the blood of Jesus Christ. No one on the face of the earth is righteous enough to judge the Only God who is so Holy, and Pure beyond our imaginations.
When we see His glimpse, we ll say like Isaiah, ‘ Oh , I m undone, I m a man of unclean lips’.
‘If there is one person on the whole universe who can be trusted, it is our God, I may not understand everything He does, But I sure do, He alone is the Righteous One. Like Paul said, Our righteousness are cheapest of all rags compared to His immaculate wholeness.’

2 responses to “Who to trust?

  1. hey good thinking!

    Does God allow suffering?
    I know He does but why does He make a Christian go through as much or even more than a Non-Christian?

  2. suj,

    The pain & suffering is almost inevitable in life.
    I ll reply you in the next post, which i m composing now.it has been in my heart for so long.
    catch your answer in it.
    Thanks for the question

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