Famous Phrases of PAMA

Pastor Yu : ‘ Who Cares?’

John: ‘ Its good that you shared.’

Vinay: ‘Dude…’; ‘Whatzzup, mate?’

Wilson: ‘Etho Nalla eruntha sari’ (meaning:- somehow, if they are good, its ok’)

KK: ‘ Prachanai….uh?’ (meaning:- causing problem?)

Valentino: ‘Prachanai..ya?’… ‘ Athavuthu’….

Jude: ‘Fantastic’

Sunil: ‘ Me…aaaaah?’

Davidson: ‘ Come on,…’

Fredy: ‘Good, Ra’

John( in writings) :’ I humbly….’

Alok: ‘I m on my way’


3 responses to “Famous Phrases of PAMA

  1. Hey PAMA’s from the United-PAMA-Kingdom !!

    Thanks for the invite… my identity.. hooker@pama.net and Famous PAMA Phrase “I’m on my way..”

    Excited to know you guys !!
    -baby-pimp (Alok)

  2. Great to have you, here
    ‘I m on the way’ man.

  3. doooode…..wazzzzaaap!!!! awesome eventhough im a BIG GUY u have depicted me in a very concise manner….awesome

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