Celebration of my tears!

The tears I shed at your feet are the sweetest of all the tears I shed!
The words I speak in secret closet with you, Lord, are the truest of all I ll be proud of in eternity!The hunger I experience when I seek you, Lord, is the most beneficial than all the world’s experience.

O Lord of Mercy! Consume me completely!

Let me be broken, my tears from a contrite heart be like sweet incense at your court!
I ve found the greatest of all joys when I cry and empty my heart at your feet.

O Lord, Give me more of this!

Let all tears n joys of this life I live, be with You!
Let me not be away from you for a single second!
Let not a day pass by, without spending time with you!

You are the closest friend of all humanity; which humanity could never imagine to grasp what a great gift it is to them.

I celebrate tears for your comfort is tangible!
I celebrate life for in it, I ve found You!
I celebrate trials for it brings this wretch closer to You!
I ll celebrate death for it takes me to You!


3 responses to “Celebration of my tears!

  1. Hi Arun,

    Tears are definitely a way to let go and the best time to do it is at HIS FEET.

    Definitely there is celebration after all the tears..’It definitely starts with peace that passeth all understanding’!!

    So..keep a smile going…God is your STRENGTH …EVER PRESENT:))

  2. Tears are prayers too!

  3. If you cant praise, pray; if you can’t pray, cry; and if you can’ cry, sigh!! The Holy Spirit intercedes through us in all this!

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