Information or truth?

Have you heard some one preach and it was not just clappy clappy, applause oriented thing, but hits hard in the inside of you and makes you ponder on what it means. It happened yesterday in church to me.Yesterday, I had a very good teacher preach to my church. Many of what he preached struck a chord within me.

One striking words he spoke were,’ Truth said and not lived out becomes just information’.
How true!

People know lots of stuff biblically and spiritually but if it’s not good enough to be lived out. What they have at end is just information and not truth.

He further asked,’ Are you presenting truth or just information?’

One of my favorite quote is by St.Francis d’Assisi:(paraphrased)
‘Preach every second , seldom with words if necessary’

I love this quote, Its easy man, to do the talking part but its the doing part is what really needed for everyone.

Let me not be the one who does away with the words!


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