Can I be frank?

Is it right? Recently, I heard a random saying in a movie, ‘To be frank is to be foolish’ . I wonder.. is it?

Some judge.. very frank words. Some advise that it is wrong. To maintain an image (a christian image)… you should say only polically correct statements. You cant say words, feelings which are not right to be said… I ve heard so many different advices on the same issue. Sometimes, it overwhelms, I say to myself… I dont have the wisdom to judge what to say and not to say. I ll take time off and I ll find my one place.

There is one place, where I can go with no fear of these advices and judgements. Where, I ll not be judged for what I say but judged on whether I m true to myself when I say those words.

When I go to the feet of Jesus, I dont have to worry of anything about this stuff. I can be perfectly honest.

Jesus, I feel so down today,… I feel so tempted…..Jesus, I missed and made a mess…..Jesus, I feel ….; I can be as frank as possible.

I think with God, I can be utterly honest. You dont have to worry of anything, You can pour your heart. I find Psalmist pouring his heart at times with full anger on his enemies to God.

Few experiences made me aware, People love cliches rather than honest and frank words. Sometimes, frank open talk offends, hurts and does so many unwanted things. (the converse is true sometimes, who knows when to open up or remain closed).That leaves me to seek God, to whom I can be 100% open…

God prefers honesty and frankness than cleverly engineered words or superfluous cliches.

But with God, I can say what I feel and ask help.


One response to “Can I be frank?

  1. I appreciate this post..i checked out your blog after more than a year..yet u r talking abt something i myself have wondered about..u see i have been criticised and put downa lot for not being polictically correct and for being tell u the truth,a lot tof times i have shut up in front of u itself thinking u would judge me since u dont always understand me..

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