When my inside spoke few lines

Have you ever been in a situation like this? You are doing your ordinary chores of life. You start to think of God.. Thoughts upon thoughts, gradually intensifying inside you…. Then words start appearing which make a sensible line or two…..Then lines upon lines flow…..

You speak them out to yourself…..

One such incident happened to me, which gave words to the churning inside. I put those lines out

Money, I dont need but Character, You give, I need
Fame, I dont need but Humility, You give, I need

Its not enough of me knowing about you, I want to KNOW You intimately
Its not enough of me speaking about you, I want to TRANSFORM into You

All my thirstings and hunger be for You
All my yearnings and dreams be for You

You should be my life. Nothing else…
You should be my ALL. Nothing else

Let everything fade away in my life but You.
Oh Changeless, Unfailing Loving God!

Nothing else deserves any worth but You.

How can all words in the world be enough to touch a glimpse of You!
How can all songs written be enough to praise You of which You are worthy of!

I realise, I m a baby babbling ……


5 responses to “When my inside spoke few lines

  1. hey Arun..what you have written is so inspiring!!

    Its like Davids prayers:)

    Isn’t our God so amasing that its hard to fathom what he’s like??

    He’s definitely the ROCK in all situations!!

    Last nite few of us went for dinner after church…we were speaking more or less on the similar lines..what would eternity be like??

    Colours we’ve never seen ever…music we’ve never heard…What God does will be something no man has ever touched upon..so its going to be something we have never seen on earth..

    How much we should yearn for HIM !!

    Arun really amasing thought flow!!

  2. Sujatha,

    One of my fav songs is…
    As the deer pants, ( its basically in a Psalm).

    So many times , my longings, urges, dreams are not right, sometimes terribly wrong. Occasionally I find a true spot where I get to know this is how it should be..

    Wow! God, This is my prayer!

    This is how my desires, urges,yearnings, longings should be….

    Let it be true, Let it become real in my life. God!

    Yeah, Sujatha, Eternity should help us to rule the longings on its behalf!

  3. hey Arun yes I would also say the best times are when you know you are at the centre of where HE wants you to be!!

    We’re human and its so hard to remain there and thats were I think most of us battle as Christians.

  4. Arun your words are awesome man! … God’s really bountiful in His blessings! God Bless!

  5. It is worship all the same…the Spirit within us responding to God’s cry to us…a perfect example of “Deep calls unto deep”!

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