Fellow ….s..h..i..p!. Do we need it?

My past few months, i found some acceptable excuses for not being there in fellowship and other activities. My heart reminded me of so many scriptures regarding fellowship in the bible, ‘Do not forsake the gathering’ and Psalms 133, ‘How good and pleasant is brothers living in community’ etc.. I argued that I have another fellowship in my house so I can cut church fellowship on those subtle excuses. Then I felt so bad…. like something important is not there in my life.

That made me to attend after nearly two months, my church fellowship. How can I express what happened there fully?

It was conviction…. I felt so bad… Every words my fellow friends spoke were like God speaking into my life what I need to do.. I found of glimpses of Jesus speaking in and through all of them to me. Ministering, encouraging, exhorting, building each others faith. Oh, What big a loss for me to be without it for a month?

The conviction which started was complete, when my fellow friend in Christ, prayed for me. Oh, What can I say? Its as if exactly my life was examined through God’s eyes and the friend prayed in Spirit exactly what I was needed. I never told her to pray for issues. But as she started to pray, i felt so strongly convicted and helpless but to cry as she was praying for all the things i needed but i never prayed for.

I cried. I m 100% sure in seeing God’s work thro’ His people.

Fellowship – Its the place, where God speaks to You, where God speaks through You.
Its where God prays for you through others, and God uses you to pray for others.

We are the body of Christ together, individually we are hands, or eyes or legs, we are meant to coexist and live in codependency and never meant to be alone.

I learnt it in a real way, where I saw God act and speak to me.

Experience is a costly teacher, but its lessons are invaluable.


2 responses to “Fellow ….s..h..i..p!. Do we need it?

  1. Matthew 18:20 … “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst” … Arun, I was the same way a while ago! God touched my life is so many ways that I can’t tell you how I feel now! My words won’t do justice to how I feel. Fellowship is the corner stone to our walk with Christ. It’s not the one-off experience that we as believers look for but the continual walk with Jesus, fellowship is the path to that continuous walk with Christ. Keep on walking in faith Brother.

    I find your blog very uplifting and wonderfully written, I guess you have the gift of words šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Vinten,

    Appreciate your words.
    Thanks a lot for passing by

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