Forgotten but not yet!

One sentimental saying in my native language:

” Cruel than death is to be forgotten”. I dont know why I identify myself with all this sentimental monologue. I laugh myself out at my reluctance to not be able to write in my blog for a long period. But sometimes, the sentimental me gets so hold of me, that I dont think of anything else.
I d prefer to write even when I dont feel like writing. But the sentimental arun is a recluse, whenever he’s hit, he runs into a cave and shuts himself in it. Thank God, His Arms reach into to keep me out of the cave and Live rather to exist.

So far whats happening in my life? Greater understanding of the word, GRACE. I ve grown to love this word so much. Greater depth of it keeps me in God’s hand and purposes.

So far I ve been trying to honestly enthuse myself in my christian walk and others who read my blog. Then, I got work+study+church routine long enough to forget writing something worthwhile in my blog. I find it childish to give excuses but also find it arrogant not explaining my state to myself.

People are good in forgiving others and never good at forgiving themselves for their mistakes, errors and conscious errors. Maybe, I should be different from these people. I should forgive and forget what I did( not contributing to my blog , my own errors…etc).

I wanna begin again to get a fresh shot at issues of life.
I remember I m still and ever ll be a Work-In- Progress.

Come on WIP! Inspire, Respire, Live!


6 responses to “Forgotten but not yet!

  1. Hi Arun,

    Welcome back! you said – “Thank God, His Arms reach into to keep me out of the cave and Live rather to exist”.

    Isn’t this the same wonderful quality that made Jesus go upto Peter and restore him!!

  2. Thanks Joel!
    Amazing to have your words again

  3. Arun: In a passage of a book I reviewed the protagonist, who commits a most heinous crime, is forgiven by God and his grace shine upon the broken man…and his soul touches God. He finds peace and love thus.

  4. Its gr8 u r resumed u r writings; I encourage you to keep writing for the glory of our lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Hey Arun welcome back on to blogging…His GRACE is just sufficient!!

    Just remember God has put you in a place so that you may bless others with your overflow-so don’t let the enemy let you shrug into a cave…will wait to see more on your blog:)

  6. Thanks Kristen for passing by.Nice to have your words here.
    Hey Kings and Sujatha, thanks for your encouragement.

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