Tears from My Dad’s eyes

New Year Eve, My Church back home was full. Me and my dad are standing outside the church.
near the bike parking.
I said, ‘Dad, would you like to talk about God? ‘
He nodded his head, we started our conversation on God and church.
My dad said so openly of the church and its people.
I was not knowing what should I do, I ve been praying for years for my dad’s salvation, my family, my prayer fellowships all have prayed and we ve been believing for so long.
Maybe this is my moment… I should say… I should ask… Prayers going on in my heart. God make a way …

I said, ‘Dad, Church is not what you have expected becos its made up of people like us, imperfect….’ Dad said, ‘Yeah, But….. ‘.Conversation goes on…..

I shared what I believed, Religion Vs Relationship with God debate… My dad quite agreed … He continued…
People moving all around, children playing around us…
We continued.

Daddy, I thought would you like to pray with me the salvation……….. I thought..
Just what I considered to be the opportune moment turned out be not so. Church Offering time came. Everyone came outside to collect the offering…
An opportunity missed.

Oh, God, ‘Why am I not bold enough to punch in the other line I planned to ask?’
The days passed without an opportunity for me and my dad to have quality time.

The last sunday before I depart from my home town to London. me, Dad and Mom went to church together. As we finished the church service and started to move home. Daddy and mummy, would you like to come to the church, we ll just go and chat?
My Daddy nodded.

We went to the beach, parked the bike. My daddy and My mummy on my both sides. I was just talking of unrelated subjects. My Dad just tapped on my shoulder, said to me with a caring sharp comment, ‘ Hey, Whats on your mind? speak it out!’

Daddy, I ve been wondering , ‘ Have you ever made a prayer affirming and stating , Jesus, as our only God?’. I know you have no other Gods but have you ever stated in a prayer. We in our church in london, in every service used to pray together as a church, would you repeat after me what I say? Mommy will you join me?

Daddy put his arms around me, saying yes.
I grabbed my Dad’s hands and my momma’s , I stated the salvation prayer with uttermost joy and tears…. I said Amen.

Opened my eyes, saw my Dad in tears. He hugged me… My mummy excited…

What I felt if I try to explain I know I ll not be able to do….

Its a God moment.

That sheer purity of Joy, Sweetness of all our tears…
Ununderstandable Peace..

I want to shout from the rooftop at the top of my voice with all of my hearts content, ‘Hallelujah’
God answered a prayer we prayed in 1997 when me and my mom prayed and we have been persevering in prayer till now.

I still have the scene transfixed in my mind, My Dad in tears hugging me after the salvation prayer……

What can match it!!!!My Dad is saved.

Today is my Dad’s B’day. Hearty Loving Birthday, My dear Dad. I love you with all of my heart. You are my Best pal and my best dad on earth.

Sincerely your son,


3 responses to “Tears from My Dad’s eyes

  1. Mmmm Glory be to the most High God , Ebenezer God is faithful and in the fulness of time Arun , God has made all things beautiful!

    We really thank God also for you for taking heed to the promptings of The Holy Spirit and seized this golden opportunity. Isn’t it a promise fulfilled ,Call unto the name of The Lord and you and your family shall be saved (paraphrased)This is the best news ever -I can just imagine glory!


  3. wow.. awesome!

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