Abandoning Myself to Him!

Can you think of a time, when nothing you ask, seem to be happening. Nothing you prayed for seem to happen. All around is pain, suffering and all you have is … You and promises.

Thats the best place to be. I guess thats the best place a man can be.
True… I can pour my heart during those times….One thing that keeps me living is the promises of God and His love for me. During those times, my tears at His feet are like fountain that is rarely dry. The promise that He collects all my tears gives me comfort. The promise that He cares for me supernaturally soothes my being.

Truly, I dont need anything else….

There is a song I very often hear.. The lyrics of the song goes on….., ‘ Float the basket across the nile’. the music is so heart rendering….

I Imagine, myself on the basket facing the night, starlit sky….
Waves which I m not in control of moving me…
Fears all around, of wind, rain, storm, falling huge waterfall …
I know not whats coming…. I cant see…..

I m not fretting, fearing, or overwhelmed….

Only one thing remains in my deepest being:

‘Pure trust in God’….. that He ll see me through…

I thank God for making me ride on the basket, Giving cozy feeling, For giving me eyes to see the sky so beautiful with moon and stars…

I thank God for giving me ‘Hope in a hopeless life, Faith in an awesome God, Pure Love from Jesus to live on’.

Without My God, Jesus, I would have found no reason to live, I would have been dead by now.

Just believing that God will carry me where He wants me to be….


6 responses to “Abandoning Myself to Him!

  1. I Imagine, myself on the basket facing the night, starlit sky….
    Waves which I m not in control of moving me…
    Fears all around, of wind, rain, storm, falling huge waterfall …
    I know not whats coming…. I cant see…..

    These words do so describe how a lot of us feel going through different things in life. But isn’t it great that despite all of that we have a God in whom we can trust… Who we know that even if we cannot see where we’re going, even if we don’t know what’s coming ahead, even if we don’t know where the waves are taking us, He does and that He is n control. We need have no fear!

  2. I like the verse that I just shared on my blog, Isaiah 26:3 – You will keep in perfect peace one whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you; because Ive been learning the same thing although in a slightly different context.
    God Bless!

  3. Very touching and stirring,Arun!

  4. Arun ,believe you me but this is so true , one thing I have learnt is that life is composed of seasons and this particular season you are talking about ,is that one of sowing.

    One thing I have also come to realise is that it will end, and harvest shall come because God is no man’s debtor ,this is so true. I do not deny however that when we are going thru this season it may seem as if it is endless, BUT one thing I know is weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning ,one day my morning will come and the sun will shine come rain thunder sunshine!!

    The other thing is that yes, like you said here those tears are not invain , this God whom we worship he has put a special tag on those tears ,He knows them collects them in a vessel and one day ,just one day there will be an overflow ,
    Ps126 v 6 he who continually goes forth weeping ,bearing seed for sowing shall (my bible says )doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him, my favourite portions of scripture in this season are Ps34, it is my best whenever and then I normally comfort myself with this one verse,from Ps27, I had fainted UNLESS I had believed to see the hand of The Lord upon the land of the living! This is David imagine,a man after The heart of God fainting mmmh!and I also love that one Joel quoted, mmmmm I love it, because His peace keeps me going even when I am in the basket and it is so dark all around,that is indeed the best place to be to stand upon His promises because He is faithful Hi who has promised

  5. are we going to get special post all the way form india..?/

  6. Where are you Arun? Why the long silence?

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