Negative attitude? : Time to self analyse.

My treasured and most respected godly friend , when i sought him the reason for not conversing as he used to with me, explained that most of the things that I speak are negative. He worried it changes his positive mindset and affects him. He should be true for he lived in my house, knows me 24×7.

I was shocked at the truth. I never realised it. I thanked him for telling truth. I set out to search me and inside me. What did I say?

I realised where the problem is. Yeah, Its because, As I want to be so open and frank, I just word all my thoughts in my head. That should be the reason. An event happened in my life means, I ll tell to my dear ones everything surrounding the event. I try not to hide my thoughts to my close friends. But… If it influences them in an opposite way, Its time for me to change me.

I never want to be a friend who is there to have made a negative influence. I want to be a positive influence in all the people’s lives God gave me.

I want to be an example in sincerity of faith, clear conscience and purity in heart.

The words that I speak have influence and some power as all words do. If words come out of my mouth, let it bring hope, life and trust in God.

God, I ll word all my innate thoughts to you! For You are going to influence me and change me.

Jesus, Hone me, sharpen me, Thanks for teaching!

Let the words and meditation of my heart be pleasing to You!
Help me, God!


14 responses to “Negative attitude? : Time to self analyse.

  1. well that reminds me of myself arun ..I created a blog when as I could express myself and be totally real..i sent the link to only 3 people and 2 people out he three got really upset at raeding it..and one got really depressed for the whole day..

    I know you are smart enough to find your way to my blog (it s my 4th)..but I warn you it i very depressing—-so if u are not strong enough—stay away..

    it s about what I am goign through on an evry day basis…
    to be honest I chose to create this blog coz I didnt wnat to bother my friends all the time with my problems…they will go there on their own if they wnat to be bothered…

    maybe…see u there…

  2. Yes ,I learnt a lesson some time back though not yet perfect but I keep on pressing towards the mark.

    God gave me a verse,let your speech be filled with grace and seasoned with salt that you may know how you ought to answer each person when the time comes ,mmmm tall order indeed esp. to some of us who just love talking because at times I end up saying things that are not worth saying,I really struggle in this area (I mean I talk a lot ,wish I could talk less)and before this Apostle Paul was commnding us to be rich in the word.Now as we all know from the abundance of the heart ,the mouth speaketh ,so whatever will be in my heart ,I will just blurt it out . I used to think that if someone is your friend you just say whatever is in your heart without pondering over it but NO this is not it ,there is no wisdom in this ,because people have feelings and we can hurt people by mere words.
    Indeed it boils down to what have I been meditating upon,who is inspiring me in all this .

    Silence is golden,at times it is better to keep it to myself and pour out to God more that He may deal with it first than just to pour it on others.
    Well someone may argue ,but that is not being transparent with your friends
    What I have since learnt recently is that it will be better to conceal a matter until such a time when we have gleaned some lessons from the Lord then share it to our friends as a learnt lesson.
    Yes negative attitudes may come but what do I do when I am affected do I meditate on the negative or I choose to focus on a BIG GOD who is able to take me from the miry clay and put me on rock to stand.
    Mind you guys, just as joy is contagious, negative attitudes are contagious as well ,after all the bible is full of positive attitudes so what am I full of, If I am rusty I should ask myself when did I last have a quality time with The Lord maybe in prayer/word (because I will not remain the same in His presence-NO way)Prov,James are good teachers of disciplining the tongue!
    This is a good topic Arun,Vro hey guys lets explore this more (by Aruns permission of cause may you please make it an open discussion and invite some friends to come in )

  3. Hey Vero n Dorcas,

    But what really took me aback, was that when my friend disapproved. I was shattered inside. I never dare say any negative things again. I thought.

    But I am aiming to hit a very tall goal for me. May be in due season, with God’s grace i will be able to do it.

    I wondered more about Jesus. Jesus lived with 12 disciples filled with unbelief and negative faithless attitudes and lacking complete trust in God. When He was arrested , they ran away. Yet Jesus, was nt taken away by the fact that 12 of them did that. He was resting and cruising thro those moments with absolute confidence.

    When He felt God leaving Him, He cried at top of His voice, His last breath, ‘Eli Eli lama Sabakthani’!

    His only concern was ‘God’. His Relationship is the one He cares most about.

    He didnt get vexed and leave His disciples, He forgave them, He went back to them. He strengthened them. He prayed for them.

    I guess, When all the world is negative, When Jesus is full and full in me, I wont be hopeless. I ll breathing Life, Hope, and Trust in God all days irrespective of circumstances.

    Paul, who dared to say, Imitate me as I imitate Christ, was there in gruelling torment, getting lashes, undergoing severe pain and suffering, but He says,’ Rejoice in the Lord always’.

    Oh, How I desire to be like them? How I want to imitate them? I think thats the sign of Christian Maturity and Sanctification work of God in people’s life.

    I love this discussion, Vero,
    I guess, as I failed. I realised that I took circumstances to be real rather than the truth of the promises and encouragement in scripture to be real. I guess that might be the case for many too.

    We give so much weightage to whats happening to us rather than to What God’s word says.

    I have a lot to share as I think.

    Please note, I m as honest as I m.
    What do u all think

  4. Hi Arun…this hits home hard! How true this is to all of us personally!! Im reminded of that verse which says, “Where words abound, there does sin also.” God Bless you!

  5. Yeyeyeye Arun, thats why it is very important to guard our relationship with God ,to guard it jealously ,such that when these negative winds come we will not be swept away we will still be breathing God’s word and promises and word because that will be full in us.
    Yes the situation will be forcing us to succumb but we will not because His word will be so full in us.
    This is now my argument with you my friend,this why I was disappointed Vro, because in moments when we are low we must just soak ourselves in the word and during those moments when we do not feel like praying, these are the moments we just have to cry out loud to God like Jesus on the cross,otherwise we will be overtaken by events and hence depression creeps in which will result in a negative attitude.
    guys I was so challenged this morning when I was having my quite time mmmm I 1st read from our study, Gen Ch12 again then the Lord took me further to
    1 Kings 4 ,that woman at Zarepath,at first she did not ask for a child from God but was given
    ****The child started having a headache then the father sent him to the mother with one of the servants.
    Whilst on her mother’s lap he dies
    Know what, she did not run crying to her husband but left him in the Elisha’s room and did not tell anyone,not even the husband

    The husband asked her, BUT (I like this ) she said it is well, I just imagine if it was me, Dorcas oh my only God knows ! She never even mentioned to her husband that the son had died.

    When Elisha sees her from afar, he tells his servant to go and ask her if all was well with her , her husband and lastly her son ,guess what she went on to say that it was well just imagine and keep on going to Elisha .

    It was only to Elisha not to Elisha’servant even that she opened up .
    Even when Elisha assigned his servant to go and pray for the son ,she clung to Elisha she did not leave him
    So guys in moments of hardships I think we must cling to God more let us not depart away from Him and choose to hear His report(whose report shall yuo believe) for with God nothing is impossible and I mean it, NOTHING ,I was then propmted to text to all my contacts,just to encourage us all including ME ,for with God nothing is impossible if this is full in us ,we will not entertain negative attitudes but thwart them under our feet

  6. True true Joel how many times I wish I had bitte my tongue ,now regretting what I would have said ,no wonder why the Pslamist said Put a guard on my lips Oh Lord ,may God help us !

  7. Hi,

    I think its best to cultivate an initmate reltionship with God.There will always be few people who will really see things on our level or maybe going where we are even our dear friends might appear like rejcting us.But its just incomplete understnding.And also they might be having their own problems or attiudes.If you love yourself and accept urself as He does which comes with spending time with Him and giving mor eimportance to Him than to anyhting else or anyone else,these things will not shatter you.Its all about where you have placed your security,trust and identity on.Why not put ur identity on Jesus who loves u anyways even if you have a bad tongue which obviously is coming outof a bad defiled heart and its with that root by beig secure in Him and by being rooted in His love.Ask Him for that revelation.the fruit (including good speech)is a byproduct of being in His presence.And the thing is you dun have to be in a particular place to be in His place..He is everywhere but its jsut that we bank on our feelings to feel if He is there(the ‘high’ feeling).Do u beleive the God who says I am with you always and will never leave u or our feelings and eyes?

  8. Hi Arun,

    With reference to what u asked me yday..what to pray for..jsut pray that i will have the strength to hold onto what He told me in the first place.He has been testing me to the uttermost in past 2 years.Also pray i will learn whatever i need to learn to face the next season.

  9. Joel, thats true. With words in excess, sin cannot be minimal.

    Dorcas, as you said, we should never ever care for how we feel, for we should be dictated and led by the Word of God rather than by feelings.

    Esther, Absolutely, Positive attitude is a by product, Its being full and full in Jesus, that you can live like that. as you said, thats essential, its not an act of will or choice, its sanctification work of the Lord made complete.

    Esther, We ll pray for God’s supernatural strength in these testing times and also for preparing you, making you ready for the next level. Rest assured ,Esther, Please remind yourselves, as I often do, God is not a hardtask master, He ll allow only what we can bear.

    Let God of all COmforts, Comfort and take care of you! Rest in Him.

  10. “Dorcas, as you said, we should never ever care for how we feel, for we should be dictated and led by the Word of God rather than by feelings.”…thats right

    I think it was Smith Wigglesworth who said, “I dont tell myself how my body feels; I tell my body how it should feel!”

    I guess same goes for our mind, will and emotions. We must tell them what they ought to feel according to God’s Word.

  11. yeyeyeye Arun , Joey it is very true we are indeed always fighting with our feelings hey ,but feelings are so deceiving,one day one is feeling low the other, feeling so high, no wonder why Bro James says a double minded person will never receive anything from God.
    mmmm You touched my soft spot ,I love that man Smith Wigglesworth ,
    mmm though so rigid he remains a challenge to me ,read his book Baptised by fire though it got lost before I finished could hardly put it down.

  12. telling ur body how to feel and think?i struggle a lot with that.asn time goes on,it gets a bit trickier.
    Yes,you are right i do need to remind myself God is not a tough task master.
    But all this takes time to discpline oneself.Thank you anyway.
    I am going to the embassy again on Dorcas,thats for ur info!

  13. thanks Ester for that I will definately remember you ,May His grace abound

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