The scene I replay the most.

Imagine myself, in the most worldliest place, tempted 1000 times more than normal, bombarded with images, sounds, visuals.. In addition to it, I have suffering, pain making me to break internally and give up my scruples. The noise, the sound, the flashing images, my past sins, fear of falling into sin,..setting a bad example to others… all falling on me, I m in the dark…, With my heart broken, my mind stunned and my heart tested,… I look upto, and say, ‘Jesus, Save me’.
There I see up above on a narrow road, My Glorious Jesus, opening His lovely arms, and smiling at me, with His words that thunders, He says, ‘Come, my beloved’.

Oh, Amidst all the calamity around me, and devastation and pain,suffering and past temptations, tears leaks from my eyes, With the joy renewed and amplified, with the music blaring in my heart, I fix my eyes on my lovely Jesus, I start to run, like a child running to his mother’s arms… As I run, like a heroine running to embrace a hero( in a bolly wood style n music behind it) I scream with joy running….amidst all that happens around.

Yeah, I say to everything, every long yearned worldly desire like money, fame, fortune, girlfriend etc…., ‘I need Jesus not you!’, With a heart pounding like drums, and my soul ignited with passion, I jump into His arms, and rest my cheeks on His shoulders…

Whoa! Jesus……! Let nothing take me away from you! At my last breath, I should realise I lived as Yours!

Whenever I imagine this, I become strong, Peace beyond all understanding engulfs my being.


6 responses to “The scene I replay the most.

  1. Arune I hear you,yes there are moments like that in my life too when all do not count (ie.its all vanity)except Jesus and only Him my Lord,in moments of hardships,confusion ,despair and (also in moments of joy) I find it a solace place in His arms that is where I find rest,He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother,He is my confidante ,I may not say it to anyone or my close friends,(at times I just say, it is well like that woman in the book of Kings ) but to Him I am an open book ,He is My everything ,Beloveds may misunderstand me but He does, He has kept me going through and through.I fear to say I understand you coz what I may have gone through, maybe you have not gone through and vice versa, BUT one thing I can only do is to tell Him about you ,remember Mary Lazarus’Sr about Lazarus to Jesus, because He knows you too you too well to perfect everything that concerns you,me or whoever,after all anything when not initiated by Him,or done for His glory is vanity.
    My heart goes out to you ,but if I may ask what was it that you were/are going through if it is not too much to ask.

  2. Thanks Dorcas,Rare to find sister like you.

    God is really good to give me blessed sister like you to share my burdens n joy.

    Bless you, Dorcas!

    Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith! He ll have His complete work in me!

  3. that is very positive post with a nice ending which is to look up to jesus when things are bad,,thing i find hard to do..

  4. Mmmm I feel a bit flattered and thanks be to God that I am a bit useful to His church. We are all unique in our little ways isn’t it.Well what can I say also, I owe it all to The Lord all to Him . Its only when we bask in His presence that He imparts some of His goodness to us otherwise without Him, all nothing so all glory to Him!

  5. Hey Guess what? For a change you have been a positive Influence in mylife! may be i didnt get to see your other side(Good for me!)But Arun,Remember that We are being made everyday,so that we eventually become well brought up God’s children.For truth he is the Positive influence in our life and as we have more of him, we can be the same to the others.Isnt it?

  6. Hey KK!

    Thats true! We are made day by day, we built day by day to be life impacting people for the glory of God.

    Man, The truth everyone in our batch knows is ‘KK ‘s positive influence’.

    No one can deny that in our batch. So do I.

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