Everlasting Father, have you become overjoyed of me?

Working.. Working… Working… like crazy..for the last few weeks. Had holidays from school, I thought …right time to work again. Today, at work, our store had a new security guard to cover for the absent old security guard. He was a jolly and very convivial guy, was just chatting with him whenever I could find time…Something he shared made me to think… as I always think too much(people say)..
He was telling about his kid, growing, trying to walk, learning to speak……He was exuding with joy and smiles coming all over his face. He was recounting of the familiar words his kid used to call. His favorite mannerisms that make him so indescribably happy. I was relishing his joy and energy in his behavior.

Suddenly My mind clicked….
I could really find a similar situation in the bible where the Lord was full of joy and happy about his servant Job that he spoke to Satan about it.

Job 1:8
… The Lord said to Satan, ” Have you considered my servant Job? There is no- one on earth like him; he is blameles and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil”

Wow!, How happy He might have been to say this? .. He was overjoyed of Job. Man, Did any of my life make my God becoming overjoyed?……………………………………………….Its easy to get praises from men…. by sheer manipulation…. But Job received these certificates of praise from God Almighty the Holy One!

Imagine God becoming happy of the way you deal with life, living righteously, speaking life, living pure, immaculate clean life, of how you face adversity,…of a prayerful life…

Man, that amazes me.
Let my heart become serious…

” My Heavenly Dad, Did I make You happy? Did I make You proud with my actions of life? ………….. My Everlasting Father, I would consider my life mission accomplished if all my life makes You happy! My Dear Dad, Please do give me the gift of making You happy by living a life all in all pleasing You!”


2 responses to “Everlasting Father, have you become overjoyed of me?

  1. sometims it happens to me that in a intimate moment with Jesus,,I ask him ..Lord do u like what I am doing/? ARE YOU HAPPY WITH ME? and sometimes to that question I feel like God is hugging me….
    what a privilegde to be loved by Him…

  2. Yes it is very true ,because we love God so much we are always on guard that we seek to please Him with everything in our lives lest we grieve Him and it brings sorrow to us as well.

    I am even reminded further of Our Lord Jesus Himself after being baptised by John ,a voice came from heaven saying You are my beloved Son ,in You I am well pleased ,my prayer is may the same be said of us by The Father

    Arun may The Good Lord grant you grace and strength as you work unto His glory!

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