Meltdowns in my mundane Saturday morning…

Hazy view of my ceiling, I turn around covering myself inside the quilt making myself very cozy. My alarm beeps. I just reach out and snooze that out. Just cover my head with the quilt. after 10 min… Alarm beeps again.

Just take a quick glance again! Its time for me to get ready to my work.
Wake up, go to the mirror and wash my face, brush my teeth. lazily…
Come and iron my shirt… Just go down to kitchen and cook something to eat before i leave for work, Its morning 6 am.

Improvising my breakfast with whats available…, Just eggs on tortillas, or chappathis or rice with yogurt.. Something to fill my stomach… Just go to my pc, as I have some more minutes… I check mails, read my fav blogs. Read the scripture….

I just sit there…. Everyone of my friends sleeping….. I m there in my room… Just that moment.. Hey God Father, I m up,…. all by me, here…. My God,Father, What do you think?

Get myself dressed, take my wallet,shop keys and my walkman. Get out of my house…
Misty morning… 2 or three people walking…. In the road, have old guys walking … Newspaper bundle dropped in my nearby shop.
I just put my headphones and I walk like a rampwalk model as stylishly as I could, no one to look at me…

The music starts… in my headphones. Gently and humming sound of the singers…. Like the whole morning is filled with the music. I hear this song… . Its like the whole universe singing

“We are a moment, You are forever,
Lord of the Ages, God before time
We are a vapor, You are eternal
Lord everlasting, reigning on high”

My heart getting sober, thinking of my God, His matchless wonder…… My soul and my body… in awe of … MY GOD, EL ELOHI, MY MOST HIGH GOD! and my reality ‘ vapor like existence’.

In full sound, like cries of sincere hearts, the song goes on…. to the chorus…

“Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty,
Worthy is the lamb who was slain”

My eyes becoming wet and tears flowing from it… My hands lifting itself, me stopping my walk and looking the heavens…

“Highest praises,honor and glory
Be unto your name, Be unto your name”

My heart meltdowns…
Hey My dear PAPA, FATHER , You are AWESOME, I adore you, PAPA… I wanna join the angels all eternity singing praises to you, PAPA FATHER…

The song continues…. Someone passed by me… I just wiped my tears … Kept on walking… I say to myself.
The song goes on…

“We are the broken, You are the healer
Jesus Redeemer, Mighty to save
You are the love song we ll sing forever
Bowing before you, blessing your name”

Eyes becoming wet again, Another meltdown..

walking in the street no one is there in the misty morning, lifting my hands and crying the chorus

“Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty,
Worthy is the lamb who was slain”
“Highest praises,honor and glory
Be unto your name, Be unto your name”

Reached my workplace, started my work…..

thinking….” Dear PapaLord, that is really a meltdown, give me more of this, let my life become full of these moments, Because this is the true reaction for anyone who realises Who YOU are, what we are, who cannot but cry praising You”


12 responses to “Meltdowns in my mundane Saturday morning…

  1. Hi Arun,

    Yes it is wonderful to melt into the arms of the Lord. I too walk with my headphones on, but not going to work but coming from work.

    I have learned that the “Secret” place does not have to be in a closet or a locked room but any place where your mind is opened to God and closed to man and oneself.

    I looked at your title, “Meltdowns in my mundane Saturday morning…” You know what anytime God shows up it isn’t mundane and He surly showed up.

    Grace and peace and I will continue to look forward to your posts on the one-year-bible

  2. True Ramona, Secret closet is where you are alone all by yourself. No one else can see what you think in your mind. is also a secret closet

    Absolutely, Ramona,Once Lord turns up, it can never be mundane.

    What is supposed to be mundane was made special on that day.

    Thanks Ramona!

  3. That was powerful and very touching Arun!

    It’s amazing how our Lord uses different ways to touch our lives and remind us once again that indeed we are a moment while He is eternal and reigns on high… Only if we took the time to soak in that.. all of our mindless running around, our worries, our twisted priorities would begin to take on their true size which is in fact very small…
    only if we took the time to give Him that high praise that only He deserves we would realize how much in control He is of every situation

  4. Thanks Carmel 4 ur encouragement.

    I m trying my best to soak in that truth,”I m just for a moment, He’s eternal”. What you say is true!

    That song really captivates the truth.
    You have got to hear the

  5. song, “Be Unto Your Name”.

  6. I’ve heard it! it’s a wonderful, powerful and amazing song

  7. yeah thats true ..these are moment when God reminds us of his affection for us…

  8. Indeed Arun it is very true at times the awe of God just captivate us that we cannot ignore it !
    and we pause and look unto Him our Creator ,in that moment life around us takes a pause,and everything around us just becomes shadow in the light of Him.

    Indeed you are very right it is the secret place and can just happen not necessarily in our closets as it were but I suppose these are ‘closets’ too!

    I want to believe this is the itimacy God is looking for !

  9. This is amazing Arun…I had an experience like this the other day when I was singing ‘Breathe’

  10. Do you listen to a lot of Christian music? What kind do you like?

  11. Sorry carmel,

    I m still not havin internet, so could answer you at time. I Listen to lots of christian music.

    There are many favorites, some of them are Casting crowns, Tim hughes’s ‘When Silence falls’, Matt redman ‘Facedown’etc…

    Recently, One song, ‘Nothing without You’ by Bebo Norman is my daily prayer , my eyes are rarely dry when i sing that song.

  12. “Meltdowns”- what a good way to describe it! I know just what you mean! And they can happen anywhere, anytime. I drive a bus and one day last winter I drove by this field of weeds. They were covered in brittle, shiny frost and just glistening in the sun. Absolutely beautiful! It went through my mind though, that they were just nothing more than old, dead, ugly weeds and then I heard Him say, “and so were you until I clothed you in My righteousness!”

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