‘What I do in the secret’ matters!

The first advice, Jesus gave “When you pray,Go into your secret closet”. I just want to pause there…..Why should I go into the Secret Closet?…. Hey wait……………………………………………..
What is a secret? One that you only know with no one else knowing.

I m wondering of the divine intent behind this advice…. Do you wonder why? Lets think…

When I seriously thought, I find ‘What I do in the secret’ must the true being of me.First and foremost, before prayer, God seeks truth in the prayer I make. He doesnt want what I want to be asked in front of other people. Because, I might be trying to impress or trying to show my knowledge and godliness to others. But He wants my true being to talk to Him. What I pray,it should come from my true being, without any manipulation and contrivations and motivations other than communicating with the Father in Heaven.

Many times, People can feign Godliness on the outside. But God is not impressed by it. He goes to their secret place, What He finds there ,is the truth of their character.

Imagine, I come to fellowship pray and share encouraging scriptures have wonderful time, then I go to my room. Lock the door. There me all by myself. What do I do there all alone?…….That shows God what I am. That shows my motives. If I do pray very concernedly for someone who is having a problem in their lifewithout them knowing, without any desire for appreciation or acknowledgement. That is purity in motives! That is prayer!

Many people pray infront of people for them, but in their mind they just do it out of necessity or out of duty. Their heart is switched off. Its routine act in display there. Its not genuine. We could pray for some people and in our minds n hearts couldnt even feel a thing of what they are going through. Do you think God will be impressed by that prayer?

Jesus way of seeing us is totally different from what we christians see, He sees the motive behind it. Not the outer act, the underlying motive.

I think, What I do in the secret shows the underlying motive.

When we give alms, Jesus tells dont let the left hand know what your left hand does. Then Jesus says, The Father will see what you do in secret and reward you openly.

I find many scripture where Jesus says, What do you do in secret as the test of our purity in motives. This thought really shows how short I fall to God’s standard. It shows exactly what I am in my heart.

O God, When I spend time with you in prayer. Make my motives pure and my intentions divine, Yes, I drastically fall short of your standard. Let my secret closets be washed and purified. Let You become the Lord of my secret closet too! Amen

Principle: What you do in secret, will be rewarded openly


11 responses to “‘What I do in the secret’ matters!

  1. True,there are things which the Lord has commanded us to do in Secret.I too have been thinking on this theme for the past 2 weeks and the trying to find out more from the word. On a contrary note, Luke 12 states of certain things which are to be done well in the public like confessing the name of the Lord !

  2. Absolutely KK!, He who denies God in public will get the same treatment from God. Thats true, KK!

    But when Jesus was asked to teach about prayer. He didnt start talking about corporate prayer. He started with personal prayer, for His disciples.

    I guess, If we know how to relate truthfully and meaningful with our Lord, like He wants us to, we are the true disciples, overcomers of the world.

    We are in pursuit of that, KK!
    May He continue to enlighten on that

  3. But when Jesus was asked to teach about prayer. He didnt start talking about corporate prayer. He started with personal prayer, for His disciples.”

    I believe personal prayer n corpoarte prayer are of equal importance..cant do one without the other,n vic versa…
    with God it is always a horizontal n vertical thing
    just as much as when he says love God ( 1st command)n love people(2nd)
    ..besides as long as there are 2 or 3 n Jesus is in the middle ,it is corporate prayer ,isnt it?

  4. Corporate Prayer and Personal Prayer , both are necessary and essential for Christian Life.

    Disciples when they asked Jesus, How to pray, seeing Him going up and down the mountain in early and late hours.

    Jesus said, The first step in Personal Prayer, is to be in secret where no one can see.

    Vero, KK, I m no way diminishing the importance of corporate prayer. But my total thought was, Jesus’s advice on how to do a prayer.

  5. I suppose that prayer on “your on own” or with people” is so related that it is difficult to separate them..like pride n independance,,,aahhahah

  6. Well indeed it is very true that success in the secret brings about success in public.Arun I do agree with every statement you have said about us praying in the secret.I strongly believe that .
    I would like to agree with Ramona also that prayer is a very personal issue esp. when alone in the secret mmmm one can have so many experiences that you will not even do in the presence of other pple,no matter how close it is all about my realtionship with God and what He is doing in my life ie Hannah ,Samuel’mother I Samuel 1 v10
    I would also want to think that with this statement The Lord Jesus meant that prayer is an issue of the heart regardless of where you are ie I switch off my outward attention and become so alert to God
    -One can pray in the presence of a lot of pple without them knowing that I am praying ie.that woman who had an issue of blood ,she pressed on to Jesus to touch the hem of His garment ‘if only I could touch the hem of His garment ,I will be made whole’ -I would want to believe that this is prayer too

    I would like to believe that ther are some points that Jesus wanted to highlight when He taught about this special prayer

    Secret place – exactly that/attitude of the heart

    Our Father- Relationship I have a relationship with God -He is my Father

    Hallwowed be thy name -oh My God ,The Great I am am ie Jehovah Jireh, Rohi,Elshaddai,Rafae etc

    I hallow Him -praising Him for who He is and we can only do this when we have faith in God therefore we must come in faith Heb 11 v6

    Thy Kingdom come ,bringing the kingdom of God into my situation whether it is lack ,sickness,
    hopelesness etc.

    Thy will be done -ie not forgetting that He is God -He is sovereign and will have compession on whomsoever He wishes!Rom9v15 NBOur Lord Jesus He wished that cup was taken from Him however The will of The Father had to done

    On earth as it is in Heaven,for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever and ever
    -Whatever God does for me it is for His glory and His kingdom

    In this prayer I notice that it opens with praise ie Hallowed be thy name and also closes on a note of praise ie the power and the glory

    Basing from what Pastor Gary was teaching on that Sunday I would want to believe that this is the reason why he really emphasised that there will be a shift from me to God hence I will see God enthroning Himself in my circumstances and the problems shrinking in His Presence.

    This is how I understand The Lord’s prayer paraphrased and can always pray our own prayers but with this principle in mind-this is me

  7. excellent explanation dorcas, thanks for sharing.

    Vero, Personal prayer is my focus here, not the prayer not the corporate one.

  8. well if that s so..it s very simple,,personnal pryer is talking to GOD..
    U MAY just chat with him or choose this moment to intercede for people in need…as simple as that…

  9. Yeah,its simple.


    Why Didnt Jesus advice those words you said when the disciples asked ‘Lord, teach us to pray’?

    That was the genesis behind my post. For you Vero, It is those lines you expressed about personal prayer; for someone else, It may be some other lines which appeals to their heart.

    I dont want to be like that. I just want to go back to the basics: what Jesus said.

    But I m stuck with the words, Jesus said about prayer.

    I m learning & I ll learn…

    This is typical me, Vero!

    Never want to miss the basics of what God taught.

  10. Hey Arun.. great to see this topic on your blog…

    This is one area that I’ve been struggling with and in the past year or so I’ve been trying to unlearn the things that I’ve picked up over so many years right from childhood.

    It is so true that what I do in secret matters and that even if I am praying about something.. God sees right through that and straight into my heart…

    About the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples I feel it’s a wonderful prayer and so complete.. Just covers everything! It’s such a model and of course we can shoot arrow prayers to God any time of the day.. but yeah like you said I get stuck with the words too but I do want to learn and learn the right things

  11. Thanks Vero, Your questions and sharing brings to light what I personally unexpressedly believe.

    Heh, Carmel, Nice encouragement from you!(I thought I m alone, feeling so special abt secret place)

    Dorcas, Thanks for explanation on the model prayer.

    KK, thanks man. please do drop in.love to hear ur views too.

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