Love the bible talks about.

The meaning of love is so distorted in the english language that people use it for so many things. They say, they love God and their dog too. The meaning of the word,’love’ when we read bible is diminished as we are conditioned by hearing in this way. But do you see, that the word love has the same meaning as we imagine in our mind?
Do you wonder: What is the love the bible talks about?
Lets dig in.

In Greek, the original language of our new testament, we have 4 words which are translated into ‘love’ in english. Yeah, for all these 4 words , our english language has only one word ‘love’. But in greek, they have 4 different meanings. Are you wondering what are they? Interesting, isnt it?

1 st word translated as love in english: ‘Storge’
Its meaning: It is parental love ;affection parents have on their children.

2nd word translated as love in english: ‘Eros’
Its meaning: It is sexual love.

3rd word translated as love in english: ‘Philia’
Its meaning: It is friendly love; brotherly affection

4th word translated as love in english: ‘Agape
Its meaning: It is the purest form of love; Its unconditional, selfless ,sacrificial love; without any reservations; It is this love that all the verses relating to God’s love in new testament speaks about.

It is this kind of love that God commands us to have towards Him and our neighbors.

Do you think how come we can show that pure selfless sacrificial love?
Never without Jesus helping us!

Jesus, We want to ‘Love(agape)’ You! Teach us to ‘love(agape)’ You! (in the truest meaning of love) Help us!
Do you want to go and look for yourself the root word for the ‘love’ verses in the bible?
Here is the way,
1. Go to
2.Type in the verse you want to see, for example, Matthew 22:37 or 1 John 4:10
3. You ll find near the start of the verse, alphabets K,C,L,V,D.
4. Click C; It stands for Hebrew/Greek Lexicon
5. You could see the greek root word for each part of the verse
6. The ‘love’ part of the verse will have ‘agape’ in its root.


4 responses to “Love the bible talks about.

  1. the intersting thing about it is,that God believes that we can do it..isnt that amazing…coz it could have kept ” agapa” only when reffering to Him ,n use sth else for “human.but he doesnt,he uses AGAPE FOR him loving us,and us loving him n others ( ought to)..talking abt raising the bar…

  2. Indeed this is very true Arun ,when I read the other part you were talking about love from 1st Tim 1 v5 ,this thought struck me about the Agape kind of love . I have also come to realise that these other types of love are not COMPLETE/WHOLE without the AGAPE kind of love.The issue is really to be grafted in Him that we can produce this Christ kind of love because at times we are found falling short.If we were all filled with this agape love the world would be a better place to live in .I think we can really manifest this kind of love by the Grace of God because God has poured/shed His Love (His Son Jesus)abroad into our hearts. May God help us!

  3. By the way ,thanks Arun for the website it will help me big time God bless

  4. yes ,,May GOD HELPS US…

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