What is the goal of the instruction that we receive from the bible?

I lived never wondering about this question, but recently while reading scripture in a random day, a revelation came. Why the instruction was given? What is the goal of it?

Recently, One verse from the book of 1 Timothy, changed my total outlook on the Bible and Christianity. I read my New American Standard Version Bible. Just see this verse, my friend, in that version.

1 Timothy 1:5

The goal of our instruction is LOVE from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith

Just repeat it, my friend. Allow it to sink it down. The goal, the final product of the instruction that is expected of us those who read it is given by this verse. The goal is not you becoming the richest of richest, you getting all the powers, you enjoying all the pleasure…etc..See what God really needs from us, is love which is basically springing from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith.

The bible ‘s goal is to make us loving, not from a impure heart, or a bad conscience and an insincere faith. I see thats the reason for all the hypocritism in Christianity. They say they love but basically the base from which their love should come forth is distorted, they have a bad conscience, a faith that is manipulated and a heart that is impure.

But see the combination from which the God demanded that love should spring! A pure heart, A clear and clean heart! A good conscience! Not a conscience which is full of guilt and darkness! A sincere faith! Faith which is not only to get all the blessings from God like money n riches but committed to the Kingdom of God ready to give everything for Him!

Imagine you becoming like that! ‘pure’ hearted, conscience ‘fullness of goodness’, faith ‘sincere’. Imagine my friend, What a state to be? And Love springs, oozes and overflows from that state!
How pure! How good! How Sincere!
Oh, that is. That is….
That is the goal of the instruction (The Bible)!
(from 1 timothy 1:5)


13 responses to “What is the goal of the instruction that we receive from the bible?

  1. Oh God, may He alone who has poured His LOVE abroad into our hearts continue to purify us that we may be as white as snow

  2. But where is the baby in today’s blog (I love those babies they inspire me)

  3. oh dear ,,is it a real baby,,this one look very fake ….bit scary… digitally enhanced i guess

  4. well..there is nothing more t say..uv said it all..love is the greatest but also the hardest…and one question what is love?????

  5. Well,

    Ask a fish living in the sea, to answer the question, ‘What is water?’

    There r so many ways to theorize the word love. but nothing can capture it in an wholesome way.
    Yet,There is so much to say. but not in this comment column. A separate blog entry!

  6. pictures speak volumes.
    but, i ll try to cut down them, as my focus gets in searching for better pics.

  7. ok arun ill wait for ur new post to answer my question…about what is love??
    looking forward to reading u…

  8. ohhhhhhhhh..where has the baby gone…!!!

  9. Nice blog Arun!
    Happy to see such passionate people out there.AM glad to see blogs like urs and vro’s so that I can keep in touch with whats happ in London.

  10. welcome…great u come along..esther..

  11. Welcome Esther,
    Lets stir ourselves to love our God with our all.May God Bless n help us!

  12. Vero at times you just break my ribs !Know what Love is mystery when I look at the cross ,I see love there ,when I look in the manger ,I see love there, when I look at the bible the word of God I see a long love letter to me , Paul tried to define it but he just described its fruit and what it is not ie the greatest Ch on Love 1Cor 13 v4 onwards. John the favourite disciple,talks about it ie 1John 4 from 7 onwards just read it mmm ,Solomon the wisest man says Love is stronger than death but I would want to believe he meant between a man and woman ie erotic love, knowing him this one, he had 700 concubines and he also wrote that letter of love remember the Song of Solomon, but the greatest of them all is AGAPE LOVE!

  13. YES ,WE WILL NEVER FULLY UNDERSTAND IT…but partially I suppose…

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