‘God hugs’ in my ordinary mundane life!

Sunday,I started work in my waterloo station, serving customers. Had an elderly couple with a kiwi accent asking my help. I tried helping them. The wife was very bubbly n was conversing with me while the husband was a bit reserved. As a part of my job, I did as much as I could. They were pleased. Then I wished them ‘ Thank you, Enjoy your journey’ . The husband looked back at me n said, “Hey Son, come to New Zealand, I will take care of you!”. I stood there wondering!

Simple incident, Pure Delight! { felt as if God hugged me!}

Monday, I went to college. Had a break for one hour. Did nt carry my wallet to college. Felt hungry n thought, oh,I m gonna starve. Decided to just stay in the classroom reading a book. Classmates, Who I havent spoken with n chatted with, saw me not going for break. They just put their food in a box, with a new fork n placed in front of me. I said,’no mate! I m not hungry’. They just insisted n forced me to eat even after i refused. Its not the food that filled me, but the affection they showered to the unknown guy {me} there .

Again Simple incident, Pure Delight! {Again felt the warmth of Him, hugging me}

Sometimes, I become so bothered by the little big hurts I have on the day, forgetting ‘ God hugs’ like these. I find when I focus on hurts, I become upset. But When I focus on pleasant incidents like this, I feel lifted and safe in His hands.Then, I decided. Yeah, I ll bid Adieu to the little big hurts! n I m gonna treasure ‘God hugs’ , the simple graces of God like these.

I m not going to wait for a big-scale miracle to rejoice! I will celebrate each n every little pleasant thing My God does! By choice! Every Perfect Gift is from Above! I see Him patting on my back, encouraging and smiling in my very ordinary mundane life thro’ these ‘God Hugs’

I love it! I ll celebrate it! Hehe! My God hugs me! Hehe! HaHa!
I m madly in love with Him!


5 responses to “‘God hugs’ in my ordinary mundane life!

  1. god“s hugs..oh dear..i am so surviving on that sometimes..sometimes everything is so dark ,gloom…and the Lord just comes n hugs with no words,,like u say it might be anything from..your exemples to(4 me) this morning I was just reading gnesis 1&2, and sth in his word about how he created everything and man..n for 1 sec I just felt like screaming ..daddy…i love u
    I felt so loved by him…it was a wonderful hug from my daddy…

  2. This is really true Arun ,at times we are so overwhelmed that we forget to count our blessings and name them one by one . I just find myself focusing on the negatives mm May God help me so often at times I fall into that trap and hence limit God. No wonder why Paul said looking unto Jesus the author and the perfector of our faith. I am even reminded of Peter when He was called by the Lord Jesus to come and as he continued looking unto Jesus he could walk on water but when he looked where he was walking,shame he began to sink just like me at times ! This is soo good what a testimony ,it just speaks volumes of God’s faithfulness to us seeing God in every situation I am still learning,just been reminded the steadfast love of The Lord never ceases ,His mercies never come to an end great is His faithfulness.

  3. Hey Vero n Dorcas,
    I never take you too for granted. I m blessed to have you two people, encouraging n commenting on what I say.
    Thanks a lot!
    You are treasured by this child!

  4. hey Arun,your blog is like my daily bread journal” I often come there first thing in the morning,( at work),so dont be discouraged ,,keep on the good work,,

  5. Thank you too Arun !I am so blessed as well to have access to this blog ,God bless you to share with us what God is doing in you and we are also edified by so doing. Continue being sensitive to Him and all glory to Him

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