Convicted: One more time!

From my mouth came these words, “He is always like that. I dont want to take anymore of this. Its done deal……. …” . I had my friend’s actions make me too disturbed recently. I was upset and was blurting things out “I never want to be treated like this ….If he treats us like that then Whats the point in being friends with him?…. No Use…” I lost my peace when I did that. I was really planning not to work on that friendship again. I didnt realise what I was doing.

Later, after a couple of days, I found my another friend getting irritated over his pal over a different issue. In short, He just used the same lines that I used while talking to me. As I watched my friend getting upset, and speaking out, one single impulse of thought sparked in my mind, my silence was disturbed.

I blurted the thought out to him, ” If God gets upset n gives up on me so quickly like that, How pitiable I ll be?”. That one line silenced my friend. (And me too)

I was really shaken inside, as it was as if I was struck by a rod . One more time again to my long list, I was convicted! I believe I was chastened by that incident. I mulled it over. How true? Oh, How wrong I ve been quick to give a judgement sentence on people? If God so quickly gives judgement, I ll never have hope. Who I am to judge and pass opinions? I felt ashamed of what I did in that quick act of judgement. How patient and longsuffering has God been with me? How many chances has He given me? Countless times. ….God, You were too good for me.

I ll become longsuffering like my God, I ll become patient like my God. If my God endures so much, I should endure atleast a fraction. As I live, I ll work on relationships without giving up on people and without judging people because of their actions,lifestyle, behaviour and comments as God gives me the strength.

My sweet Jesus, Work on me! Give me the strength to forgive and love! Forgive me too. Jesus, endow me with that resolute love and passion You had! My loving Jesus, I depend totally on you to change me! Change me!


6 responses to “Convicted: One more time!

  1. This is very true, indeed,how often does that happen to me too,
    When u want to give up on someone, then u realize that God never gives up on us,( it would appear that in certain cases he does,though ???)
    And when it comes to frienship,That is why the bible says to forgive 77 x 7,
    One thing that I am asking God is to give me the power to love like he loves ,to see how he sees, to endure like he endures…obviously we will never attain THAT perfection but there is definitely the Holy Spirit in us enabling us to do so,very very often,,,
    Apart from our many shortcomings in that area,,,,Have you ever experienced that” Love or Affection”” from above” towards somebody ,that u know u wouldn’t have patience for otherwise..well that s the HOLY SPIRIT coming to our rescourse….

  2. Vero,
    U mentioned in brackets
    ,( it would appear that in certain cases he does,though ???)

    Thats How i felt before. But Jesus promises that He will never leave nor forsake us, He will be with us till the end.
    Even When its hard to believe, I choose to believe this promise.

  3. Well this is very very true and I do at times find myself trapped in this .At times I just say mmm I do not care anymore only for me to lose my peace with God . At times I actually say Lord but what about me ,this and that but He really pushes me hard for me to make things right with the other person .He commands us to pursue peace .I am sorry is a very difficult word to come esp to those that are close to us because we tend to say but she/he must understand me better ,however I am learnig that God does not use far fetched issues to chasten us but those so close to us to mould us into whta He desires us to be -it is painful but can be done by His grace

  4. I actually did it on purpose to open a challenging discussion..
    I dindt mean in cases when u love God and long for him but what i meant was in cases when people turn their back on God,there are certain occasions when he closes “the door of the grace” seen in the bible…what do u think?

  5. Vero, When I turn my back on God, thats it. I close the door of grace which Lord has opened. He is the one knocking on my door. He is the one who first loved me. He is the one who promised hope and abundant life to me. I didnt make it up and ask Him to give it. I just respond by allowing Him to come in or just closing it rejecting Him.

    It is ‘US’ who does the turning back, not God. We are the ones who close the door of grace not HIM. For He longs to have fellowship with us.

  6. very correct ,,certainly I didnt mean thatwhen somebody longs 4 god ,God would turn his back on him…ur right ,expressing the thought well is important,especially in written form, i realise that wht I wanted to say didnt come across the way I meant it..

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