A Lesson from Ammu & Appu

Recently I had my Vigi Akka bring her kids to my house. Their names are Appu and Ammu. They are so cute and I just love and adore them. I started playing with them in my room. Akka and Uncle went out to buy something. They know that Ammu and Appu are playing with me. We were playing, chatting and having all the fun. When Akka came back, they were coming to my room, calling ” Ammu and Appu, where are you?”.

Playfully, Ammu and Appu, hid themselves behind the suitcases I had in the room. Uncle came into my room saw them doing this and he understood what they are doing and said, “Where are they, I could nt see them?” I said, ” No , I dont know”.

Uncle just went out and said one line, ” Okay, Lets go”.
Thats all, Ammu and Appu ran out of their hiding places shouting, “Daddy , I was there hiding, Mummy, I m here, Didnt you see me?”

The quick and sudden rush with which they ran and shouted ” Daddy, I m here”, really made me to ponder…

I want to be like them. Whenever I feel dry and seem to lose sight of God, I want to rush to God with that hurry, “Daddy, I m here, never leave me, dont take your Spirit from me. I never want to be without you”.

Dear Ammu & Appu,I love you two. You taught me a lesson!


7 responses to “A Lesson from Ammu & Appu

  1. Good blog Mr Tamilzhvanan. You have good writing skills. Reading your blog, I was reminded of God’s grace. It is God who is holding our hands for if we try to hold God’s hand we would have left it long time back. I guess we all need to realise God’s holding in our lives and I think that what your blog tries to express. Great going.

  2. Arun mmmm when i just opened this blog,I was so overwhelmed mmm the photo and was just saying to myself mmm so cute,so lovely coz i just love photos BUT as I read thru the mesg mm my face is all wet had to stop writing and sobbed thru ,I had a good cry it just pierced me right into my heart ,so so powerful mmm the story of David and Bathsheba comes into my mind as I read thru ie when he was confronted by Nathan the prophet and then he broke down,no wonder why he got the title (a man after the heart of God ) mmm man you have the have the David annointing , indeed it really ministered unto me it is so real ,I cannot go on in life when He takes His Spirit from me no matter how hard I will try to pretend no way !John Samuel,I agree with you , Arun do not sit on that talent once again I say it backed by John Samuel, maybe you will listen to him more!

  3. what a beautiful picture it is!!!

  4. by the way what is a vigi akka?

  5. Vigi = Name of my sister
    Akka = Sister in my language

  6. thank you.arun I get smarter a bit more everyday…and I also get fitter spiritually speaking reading your blog…looking through baby eyes,checking out my heart to see if I love people enough,,be sure that Jesus is the one who matters the most in my life..keep on the good work…arun God is with u in that …..love ..vero

  7. Dear Arun, that was really nice. Like those two little ones Ammu and Appu running to their Dad, God’s heart also longs for us to draw near to Him, we can only do this by having a constant intimate relatioship with Him, if we do this, we shall indeed live a blessed life.

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