In YOUR Life: WHO matters the most?

OOPS! That was too long.— People said of my last article in this heading.

OOPS! That was not what I intended.I wanted it to be simple and clear.

My point for this article is this:

When you become so overwhelmed as if you are on the top of the world , When you feel so secure in relationships with people, When you pour yourselves out on people and they give it back to you, you feel you got everything. But, We MISS it big time. Dont We?

GOOD TIMES alone are not good enough.


Just you realise, the same ones you held in utmost respect, gave the Kingly chair in your heart, has let you down. They put you down.

When the worst happens to you? When all things go wrong? WHO ‘s STAYS WITH YOU?

In short, If you can find one person, Who is there for you no matter happens to you, How meaningful your life will become.

Think My friends, WHO MATTERS THE MOST?

To be continued….


7 responses to “In YOUR Life: WHO matters the most?

  1. JESUS IS THE ONE and ONLY FOR ME ,,it is not that I dont care about anyone else but I found out that the more I love him the more I love people..when I am having issues with Jesus I found that I AM HAVING ISSUES with people..Jesus is the only answer to everything whatever way you look at ..AND it doeasnt work like that only for me it is the way it works for everybody..because HE is THE WAY……JESUS..JESUS..JESUS…

  2. TO BE CONTInued…. part in the message. DId you see it?

    I intended that I m gonna discuss ‘the faithfulness, the unchanging nature of my God, Jesus’. If all my messages are about Jesus. There has to be some messages that leads to the most obvious and unaviodable JESUS. The PASS mark is scored by my parents n friends. Imagine How much God will score?( Humanly speaking) The examiner himself with all in all, its more a billion percent.

    JESUS! I want to make Him more real to everyone. I want to love Him than I ever did.

    Vero. Do you know my only prayer?
    I pray that I should live only to know more and more intimately or else take me nowitself, Lord. I ll rather be dust in Heaven seeing Your Glorious Face rather than to be king in Hell.

    I want to die to ‘MY SELF’, Let Jesus Live in me. Jesus, Give me the Love you had for me!

    If I live, I want to live with you.
    If I die, I want to die to c you.

    I dont want my sins and flaws and my weaknesses to take you away.

    God, My Jesus, In your mercy, Never make me live on myself. I hate to do that. I want You!

    I m disclosing all my further discussion in this comment itself.


  3. yes i knew where you were heading but I couldnt retain it I had to say it out loud…sorrryyyyyyy ok cant wait to read the next part….

  4. Vero. Bubbly as you are, wish i had it like you. Dont ever say sorry. You are sweet as you are.
    Be who you are. God wired me this way and you that way.
    Lets bring Him Honor in the way he designed us!

  5. that s a great encouragement ,,thank youuuu

  6. Hey Arun!!

    It’s really good!! Gr8!! Hope the blog u have designed shall act as a binding force in bringing the people those who trust JESUS CHRIST, and building a community who can a be a voice to the entire world!!!

    Those who carried out deadly attack killing innocent civilians are creatures of hate whose anger could never be satisfied except by building a cloud of hell over humanity. Once a Middle Eastern leader’s was asked,” When will the terrorists stop killing such innocent lives? “When they love their children more than they hate us,” came the reply. Such is the problem with the suicide squads unleashed upon the whole world. Their irreverent lives victimize even their own families, their own countrymen and, indeed, their own faith.

    I reminded of the words in the book of Luke chapter 6 ,
    “But I tell you who hear: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you. To him who strikes you on the cheek, offer also the other”—-such is the love of our GOD. Jesus who went to the Cross gives us His own pillar of cloud and pillar of fire to protect and to lead us amidst the darkness with which doers of evil seek to blind us. So lets all pray that the love of our GOD shall touch the hearts of such evildoers.

  7. very good anynomous…

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