What God thinks about my blog?


You entering into the baby’s world. You see through baby’s eyes. It has just woken up to life. It sees big n small things. It sees colors. It hears sounds. It receives hugs n kisses. Every little thing is exciting. Every sound makes her to wonder.
Wow!What a wonderful maker ?

I think, God thinks of me like a baby just born to life.
You ll see the world thro’ these baby’s eyes. Arun


9 responses to “What God thinks about my blog?

  1. ARUN,,READING YOUR BLOG i AM ALMOST CRYING…this is a great introduction…keep on the good work,,,iam one of your biggest fan…blogging id helping me a lot u know hope it does the same for you…

  2. Hi Arun

    great idea, so kind and loving, you are great brother – encouraging, can feel Gods love from and through you – am excited to see how greatly he is using you and He will more in the future, i am sure!

  3. I totally agree..keep on the good work arun…god is with you in this..

  4. Great stuff Arun – I can see your heart. How amazing to see your love for God – I’m sure He is well pleased with you!

  5. This is really thought provoking and heart searching ,all best things in life are for free ,imagine salvation just freely given and yet so precious ,the air that we breathe etc,so what should we say then lets pursue God and be genuine with self and one another,this also is a God given virtue most of us miss it or discover when it is too late to redeem. Genuiness is what lasts and this is hard to come by ,may God help us. Quality gems Arun have you ever thought of writing a book,pause for thought….

  6. Hey Mr.Work in Progress,it was truly inspiring to read your intro and your acceptance of God’s purpose in your life.Brothers,the Good work in us will go on till the day of his Return and we shall be up and running till that.You have always been and will be a great support for me. ….. Kk

  7. today I was watching a tape form joyce meyer and she was saying that we as adults have to make sure that we are always keeping the child that is inside of us alive..even when we grow up…

  8. Hey!!

    Who ever goes through your intro will well n truly be inspired by the way u c yourself in the hands of our lord Jesus. As we all grow up it really takes a lot to fill our heart, the sense of wonder fades away. Let our GOD fill our heart with the sense of wonder, that we might thank him for everything that been granted and for his marvellous work!!!
    You have been a great inspiration to me and for many more…………kings:-)

  9. Jesus, however, invited them: “Let the little children come to Me, and don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
    ok ,let s elaborate this subject a bit more…what does it mean to be a child in god`s eyes?

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